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Visit The Prince Township Museum

Hours: Tuesday - Saturday, 9am-12pm and 1pm – 4pm.

Everyone is welcome to come and visit the Prince Township Museum. The Prince Township Museum contains artifacts that focus mainly on the history of the local residents and local geography but its message extends beyond  the locals, showing the lifestyles of the Canadian Pioneer Farmers who settled in Canada.

The Prince Township Museum is home to five main attractions…

1: The Prince United Church was originally built on the corner of Town line and Second Line in 1885, but it was  moved to its current location in 1926. The church was closed in 1962 due to increasing maintenance costs and decreasing church attendance. It was later opened in 1983 as a museum, which now displays mainly social memorabilia that existed before the 1950’s. The church exemplifies characteristics of early English Architecture and contains items rich in social history such as sword used in War of 1812 and a Bible from 1886.


2: Conway Log House was built in 1898 on what was known as North Prince, which is presently Fourth Line. The Conway Log House displays the pioneer lifestyle that was experienced by its patron (William and Ida Conway). In 1995, the Conway Log House was dismantled and reassembled in its current location. The two story log house shows  the domestic sphere of pioneer life with items such as antique dishes and cutlery, a pump organ, a spinning wheel and antique butter churner.


3: The One-Room School House was rebuilt in 1937 after a fire burned the previous school to the ground. The one room school house held grades 1-8 in a single room but due to declining enrolment the school was closed in 1983. The school house still makes use of its original wood flooring and proudly displays the carvings and creations of local wood carver Charles Parr. However, the classroom displays do not solely showcase the history of Prince Township Academia, but also a small Salvation Army display, a World War 1 & 2 Veterans display, a mammoth leg bone and a section on Native Heritage.

4: The Implement Shed showcases a collection of original farm equipment that was used by the pioneers in the 1800’s and early 1900’s. Displays include a fanning mill, a turnip chopper, and seed drill hoses.  

5: The Large Implement Shed contains farm equipment that was refurbished in by a local man named Charles Parr. This display was opened in 1998 and showcases large farm equipment that was used in the 1800’s and the early to mid 1900’s. This display contains equipment like a hay loader, a thrashing machine, a straw chopper, a disc drill and a manual lawn mower.


For tours or additional information please contact…

Margaret Christenson at (705) 779-3996 or
the Museum Summer Student at (705) 779-2992

Again, everyone is encouraged to visit the Prince Township Museum.

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